Successful Customer Relationship Management with Saptivo CRM

CRM provides a unified view of contact details, interactions, past purchases, and preferences by organizing all customer data. It serves as the foundation for an in-depth understanding of each customer.

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Why Choose Saptivo

Easy Management

With our CRM system, you can easily simplify your workflow and handle potential clients and contacts

Customer Support

Effectively handle customer support interactions by recognizing potential customers, gathering inquiries, automating the leads scoring, and maintaining complete contact information

Fast Collaboration

Our CRM system will help quickly organize work, guaranteeing effective teamwork and smooth communication

Sales Management

Easily gather, score, and convert leads to handle your sales process more effectively

Client Management Simplified

By utilizing our CRM solution, you can optimize client management, streamline procedures, and enhance efficiency

Lead Management

Get leads, apply automatic scoring, identify potential conversions, and communicate with accurate contact details

Dedicated Customer Support

Have professional customer service that is ideally suited to improve your business interactions

Secure Online payments with Saptivo

Social Media Inquiries / Google/ calls

With Saptivo, you may easily communicate with the client through Google calls and social media inquiries, which offers the flexibility to discuss any payment-related queries related to the CRM system. You can guarantee a customized and prompt experience to the clientele while helping in real-time.


Send the Proposal from the CRM

It’s easy to send detailed proposals straight from the CRM with Saptivo, whilst eliminating unnecessary steps and enhancing efficiency. Experience the simplicity of a single, integrated system that prioritizes both security and user-friendly functionality.


Convert a proposal to an invoice (One click)

Our CRM system enables you to convert proposals to invoices with ease and in just one click. Upgrade your transaction management with Saptivo, which is simple, safe, and secure.


Send the Invoice with the payment link and receive payment

It's convenient for you to send invoices to your clients directly and securely, along with a payment link. With just one click, learn how simple it is to receive your payments with Saptivo as we ensure safe online transactions.


Industries Supported By Our CRM Solution

CRM centralizes all customer data, providing a unified view of contact information, interactions, purchase history, and preferences. It’s the foundation for a comprehensive understanding of every customer.

Industries Supported By Our CRM Solution

Our CRM solution provides features that are specifically designed to fit the demands of different industries, improve client interaction, and drive growth.


With instant access to customer data, our CRM improves decision-making, increases client relationships, and tracks projects in real-time.


To improve efficiency in government, transparency, and trust, our CRM solution provides citizen data for more accurate responses and improved decision-making.

Hotel Industry

By personalizing customer experiences, improving processes, and building loyalty with full customer profiles and feedback analysis, our CRM improves the hotel sector.


CRM makes it possible to handle client relationships efficiently, customize policies, and process claims quickly.

Health Care

CRM provides the medical sector with an excellent platform for managing operations in a number of areas, including sales and marketing management.

We Build Connections Between Companies And Clients Worldwide.

With the ability to connect your marketing, sales, IT, and other teams to work together effortlessly from anywhere, Saptivo hopes to become your go-to CRM platform. Our aim is to ensure client happiness worldwide.

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Industries Supported By Our CRM Solution

Our CRM solution serves several industries, offering tailored features to meet specific needs, enhance customer engagement, and drive growth.

Sales Management

Client Management Simplified

Lead Management

Dedicated Customer Support

Payment gateways

Saptivo offers an extensive array of payment gateways to handle your transactions with ease and flexibility. Our integrated payment options enable customers to easily make payments with widely recognized options, guaranteeing a safe and easy transaction experience.

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CRM Features

Project Management

Quick Invoices



Lead Management

Record Expenses

Records Payments

Web forms

Ticket Support


Create Custom Fields

Tasks for staff

Knowledge base

Client Contracts

Simple Reports

Goal Tracking

Personal To do list

E Signatures

Customer relationship management, or CRM, is a powerful tool designed to help you effectively organize, manage, and monitor your customer interactions. It acts as a centralized storage space for storing important information about your customers, efficiently manages messages, and improves the overall customer experience.

The benefits of incorporating CRM into your business are numerous. Firstly, CRM enhances customer relationships by providing a comprehensive understanding of individual needs and preferences. This allows personalized interactions and encourages a stronger connection between your business and its customers. Additionally, CRM simplifies internal processes, leading to increased efficiency across various departments.

CRM is essential for assisting sales since it organizes customer data, automates processes, and provides insightful data. It gives the ability to effectively track inquiries, maintain potential customers, and adjust communication strategies, all of which improve selling effectiveness.

The basic CRM functions include contact management, lead tracking, automation of tasks, and communication records. It also includes monitoring tools for analyzing interactions with customers.

CRM records meetings, calls, and emails to keep track of interactions. In addition, it keeps track of transactions and purchases, giving an entire view of the customer’s journey.

Yes, most of the CRM systems can be customized to suit your particular needs. You can add particular fields, design processes, and modify them to match your business procedures.

CRM systems prioritize data protection. To ensure that client information is secure and kept private, they utilize encryption, restricted access, and frequent backups.

Industries Supported By Our CRM Solution